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Laser Sunshade for Car Windshield

Laser Sunshade for Car Windshield

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PHYSICAL REFLECTION SUNSCREEN: Provides comprehensive protection by blocking multiple wavelengths of sunlight and reducing heat, visible light and ultraviolet light inside the car.

INNOVATIVE OPENING DESIGN: Ensures the sunshade fits most vehicles without blocking rearview mirrors

360° ROTATABLE MIDDLE ROD: Allows you to adjust the shade for optimal coverage without obstructing your view.

EYE-CATCHING SURFACE:The distinctive sunshade surface enhances visibility, facilitating quicker car location for owners

EXTENDABLE SOFT EDGE: Precisely fits the edges and corners to ensure your car is light-tight

WIDENED STORAGE BAG:Enhanced with a widened sunshade strap for effortless and space-efficient storage.







Avoid folding or bending the sunshade excessively to preserve its shape and functionality over time.

During installation and removal, handle the sunshade gently to prevent any damage to the windshield or the sunshade itself.

Store the sunshade in a cool, dry place when not in use to maintain its effectiveness and longevity.

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Laser Sunshade for Car Windshield